Castle Rock Countertops & Construction, serving Del Norte and Curry Counties since 1994, is owned and operated by Dana and Sara Allard.

We specialize in creating and installing custom designed countertops in laminate and solid surface. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and customer relations. Whether you’re a contractor, homeowner or business, we will work directly with you to make your countertop dreams a reality.

Licensed in Oregon and California, we can help you with commercial and residential new construction or remodels. Choose from our well known vendors and let us create a custom countertop to fit your kitchen, bath, laundry, sewing/craft room, shop, office, and even your fishing boat cabins! We can also install custom sinks, shower surrounds and shower pans for you! We at Castle Rock Countertops & Construction are licensed general contractors, so we’re happy to help you from start to finish, including demolition and removal of your old countertops.

We offer two full lines of high quality cabinetry products provided by Dura Supreme Cabinetry and Woodland Cabinetry that can help you transform the look of your kitchen, bath, office, garage, or closets. Having a hard time picturing in your mind what your finished cabinet project will look like? Not to worry, just stop by the shop so Sara can show you the great new look. Sara uses cabinet design software that creates an awesome 3D display of your project that helps remove the guesswork of how your cabinets will appear.


Castle Rock Countertops definitely takes the time and effort to exceed manufacturer’s specifications during the countertop fabrication process. Many fabricators take short cuts which could void a warranty and put the tops at higher risk for damage. We won’t do that.


We have binders full of fabrication directions from the manufacturers and, at minimum, we make sure to follow their directions to a “t”. We put in the extra time during the fabrication of your product to ensure that your installed countertop is of the highest quality.

double build down


One of the significant differences is that we do a double build down for the front edge which provides a much stronger product. Unlike many installations we’ve seen where the countertop is just siliconed to the cabinets without any substrate underneath, we use ¾” cabinet grade plywood as a substrate because it looks better in areas where its visible and to provide additional strength to the top.



Another example is our splines, the reinforcement under a countertop seam. Splines have a minimum required width of 4” in a cool area (not next to a stove), we make them 6” whenever possible for added strength.



Additionally, on a soft seam backsplash, we build to a full 1” thick which adds strength and a better look. Many fabricators will just slap a ½” thick piece of material up against the wall to act as the backsplash and fill the gaps with caulking or silicone.


We will not install something in someone else’s home that we would not accept in our own home.

Unlike installers that come from out of the area, we will run into our customers at the grocery store. We don’t want to ever feel like turning around and walking the other way when we see our customers. We want them to be happy with our service and be able to look them in the eye when we see them around town, knowing that we did a good job for them. We don’t build things just to the manufacturer’s bare minimum; we always put forth the extra effort and time to build it better than is required.

Whether your job is a small job or a large job, you will receive the same level of service and effort – the highest there is. The best part about Castle Rock Countertops is our commitment to our customers and our community!